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Order: Squamata

The Squamata are the most successful order of Cenozoic reptiles, with some six thousands recent species (more species than there are mammals!).  They are found on every continent except Antartica, in such diverse modes of life as climbers, burrowers, crawlers, aquatic forms, and even gliding types


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Order Squamata
... Order Squamata. Families included in the Animal Diversity Web: Acrochordidae Agamidae.
Amphisbaenidae. Anguidae. Boidae. Chamaeleonidae. Colubridae. Cordylidae. ...

Order Squamata
Order Squamata. Lizards and Snakes. Jurassic to Recent.
image from Squamata page copyright 1996 Kevin ...

Amphisbaenas - Suborder Amphisbaenia (Order Squamata)

... Order Squamata. Squamata is the largest group of reptiles with 7588 species and
hundreds more waiting to be discovered. They have scaly bodies with short or ...

Order Squamata: Lizards & Snakes
... Skulls/Skeleton (Replica) > Order Squamata: Lizards & Snakes. ...

New Mexican Whiptail
... New Mexican Whiptail Lizard (Cnemidophorus neomexicanus).
to top. Last Update: 4 June 2000.

... ORDER SQUAMATA. The Order Squamata consists of two Suborders,
the Sauria (lizards); and the Serpentes ...

Order Squamata
Order Squamata (Squamate reptiles). Suborder Lacertilia
(lizards) Suborder Serpentes (snakes)

Reptiles Of South Australia
... Order: Squamata Suborder: Sauria (Lizards) Family: Gekkonidae ... Order:
Squamata Suborder: Sauria (Lizards) Family: Pygopodidae ...

Zoo Animals - Reptiles
Class Reptilia - Reptiles. Order Squamata: Lizards
and Snakes. Lizards ..... Family ...

Introduction to Order Squamata (lizards, snakes)
ntroduction to Order Squamata (lizards, snakes). he
Basics. Squamata is the largest group ...

AnimalFact. Definitions: Phylum| Sub-Phylum| Class| Order| Family| Species Phylum:
Chordata. Sub-Phylum: Vertebrata. Class: Reptilia. Order: Squamata. Family: ...

List of amphibians and reptilia
The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.

Order Squamata, Reptiles
... sponge jellyfish worm clam seastar spider fish frog turtle
bird pony ORDER SQUAMATA. By Joe Weiderhold ...

Squamata (Snakes & Lizards)
... Home:Zoo:Reptiles:Snakes & Lizards. Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class:
Reptilia Order: Squamata, ... Order Squamata. Dragon Lizards (1) Vipers (2). ...

... Order: Squamata Family: Gekkonidae (gekkos) Spanish name: salamanquesa de franjas. ... Order:
Squamata Family: Iguanidae (iguanid lizards) Spanish name: cachora. ...

IGUANIDAE (Iguanids)
... Order: Squamata. Suborder: Sauria. Family: Iguanidae. Characteristics: ... Order:
Squamata. Suborder: Sauria. Family: Iguanidae. Characteristics: ...

class reptilia
... Order: Squamata. Characteristics of the order Squamata include a transverse vent
or cloacal opening (Goin and Goin 1971), skulls that are more moveable (or ...

Vertebrate Notes: Unit 3.4
... from Skulls Unlimited; The Boa Constrictor Subspecies; Squamata; Order Squamata;
Literature - Squamata; SQUAMATA; EMBL; Herps; Jurassosaur's Reptipage; Order ...

... diameter of 10 feet. Modern Order Squamata--Lizards,
Amphisbaenia, and Snakes. Squamates are an old ...

Order: Squamata. (lizards & snakes). Suborders:
Sauria Serpentes (lizards) (snakes).

Squamata (Lizards and snakes)
biodiversity explorer home. Order: Squamata (Lizards and snakes). (Life;
Kingdom: Metazoa; Phylum: Chordata: Vertebrata; group 'reptiles'). ... wildlife checklist
... Lizards (Order Squamata, suborder Lacertilia). Skinks (Family Scincidae). ... Snakes
(Order Squamata, suborder Serpentes). Typical Snakes (Family Colubridae). ...

Order Squamata
Squamata: Suborder Sauria Lizards; Suborder Serpentes Snakes. ...

Center for Environmental Communications
no preocular - in general, if the scale touching the front of the eye is higher ...

Lab VII. Snakes
... ORDER SQUAMATA. As mentioned in the lizard lab, the order Squamata is a monophyletic
group that includes lizards and snakes. Investigations into the higher ...

The EMBL Reptile Database
... Order Rhynchocephalia. Suborder Sphenodontida. Family Sphenodontidae (Tuataras).
Order Squamata. Suborder Sauria (Lacertilia). Infraorder Iguania. ...

Classification and Geographic Distribution of Living ...
... Subclass Lepidosauria. Order Squamata. Suborder Lacertilia (lizards). (Iguania).
F. Corytophanidae: 9 species (10-20 cm), arboreal Neotropical lizards. ...

Herpetology Oman
... Family DERMOCHELYIDAE. Dermochelys coriaca (Vandelli,

BUSHMASTER. The Columbia Encyclopedia: Sixth Edition. 2000
... bear live young, the bushmaster lays eggs. It is classified in the phylum Chordata,
subphylum Vertebrata, class Reptilia, order Squamata, family Crotalidae. ...

Suborder Amphisbaenia
Class Reptilia. Order Squamata. Suborder Amphisbaenia
(Worm-Lizards). Amphisbaenidae Family. ... References. ...

... -----order RHYNCHOCEPHALIA (ceph-Gr. kephale, head.).
---order SQUAMATA (squam-L. squama, scale). ...

Introduction to the Vertebrates
... Superclass Gnathostomata: Division Osteichthyes: Class
Reptilia: Order Squamata: Suborder Sphenodontia. ...

Animals are listed by Class and Order (or SubOrder)
... LIZARDS and SNAKES (Order Squamata) Animal, Bedding,
Food, Lifting / Carrying, Notes. Snakes, Astroturf, ...

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