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Tet Offensive


On the first day of the Tet (lunar New Year) truce, the Viet Cong launched their largest offensive of the war. One thousand Viet Cong troops infiltrate the Saigon. The Communist troops capture the Citadel at Hue and seize part of the US embassy in Saigon.

It takes 13 days to completely rout out the Viet Cong troops. The attack is a military disaster for the Communists: they lose over 10,000 men and meet none of their objectives. The offensive marks a military victory for The Viet Cong as Americans who had believed that the war was being won,are shocked at the sight of Viet Cong troops holding the US embassy. Its impact in the U.S. was to increase opposition to the war as it was incorrectly viewed as a Communist Victory.


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TeT Offensive - Turning Point in the Vietnam War 1968

Tet offensive: turning point in the Vietnam war
Tet offensive: a turning point in the Vietnam war.
The American intervention in Vietnam ...

... green forests. Thus the Tet offensive helped South Vietnam neutralize much of the
Communist infrastructure before the Phoenix Campaign got rid of many others. ...

Anniversary of a Tragedy Vietnam's Tet Offensive
... More e3mil Today Features: ... Do You Want To Be Heard? Those Who Have Served. ... Anniversary
of a Tragedy Vietnam's Tet Offensive. 1/31/01. ...

Vietnam War > Events > Tet Offensive
... > America's Wars > Vietnam War >
Events > Tet Offensive January 30, 1968 ...

Vietnam - Tet Offensive
... Security Agency provided US commanders in Vietnam with more than two weeks' notice
of the bloody 1968 Tet Offensive.... [Ford] told Federal Computer Week that ...

30th Anniversary of the Tet Offensive - Vietnam Internet ...
... Title: 30th Anniversary of the Tet Offensive - Vietnam Internet Magazine. World
Wide Web Address: Vietnam Internet ...

Vietnam - The Tet Offensive
Vietnam - The Tet Offensive. Khe Sanh Commanders. Khe Sanh Veterans. ...

The Communists Launched Their Famous Tet Offensive Throughout ...
Caribbean Air Service The Communists Launched Their Famous
Tet Offensive Throughout South Vietnam. ...

Astrocartography of Vietnam: The Tet Offensive
... - Neil Sheehan, A Bright Shining Lie. Vietnam: The Tet Offensive. The turning point
in the American "War" in Vietnam (Primary Mars / Secondary Pluto) came as a ...

VN Wars: Tet Offensive and its Aftermath
... 000 more American soldiers to be sent to Vietnam, this made people even less willing
to believe that the Tet Offensive had been a brilliant American victory. ...

Battle For Saigon - Cover Page: February '01 Vietnam Feature
... Regardless of the cause, however, the timing of his death had profound impact on
the North Vietnamese decision-making process that led to the Tet Offensive. ...

Yahoo! Arts > Humanities > History > By Time Period > 20th ...
... Offensive 1968 - links to maps, battle narratives, chronology, and more. Tet Offensive
in Vietnam - recounting of events. Tet Offensive: Turning Point in the ...

Tet offensive
Tet offensive: a turning point in the Vietnam war. ... Retrieved
From Tet offensive: turning point in the Vietnam war.

"The Tet Offensive: Thirty Years On" by Jack Gillis; Captain ...
... it turns out that you AGREE that the United States won the TET offensive , but lost
the Vietnam War, just like everyone else in America already knows. In the ... Tet Offensive marked turn in war
... South Vietnam mounted a coordinated series of shock attacks on more than 30 supposedly
safe cities - including the South's capital, Saigon. The Tet Offensive ...

Re: TET offensive
... I pointed out that there was no such thing in the Tet Offensive episode of the PBS
series "Vietnam: A Television History," which so far as I can recall is the ...

TET Offensive
... The employment of MP firepower, mobility, and communications during the TET Offensive
in the Republic of Vietnam provided a first line of defense against enemy ...

Tet Offensive Anniversary
... We remember the Tet Offensive as All Things Considered host Robert Siegel talks
to Stanley Karnow, the author of "Vietnam: A History." Karnow was the chief ...

Tet Offensive
Westmoreland and The Tet Offensive 1968. Many times during the Vietnam War, the
US had to pay for its ignorance. In this case it was the CIA, the Order-Of ...

Tet offensive
... Tet offensive, 1968, a series of crucial battles in the Vietnam War. On Jan. 31,
1968, the first day of the celebration of the lunar new year, Vietnam's most ... - Results for Tet offensive
... Electric Library's Free Encyclopedia Tet offensive Tet offensive, 1968, a series
of crucial battles in the Vietnam War. On Jan. 31, 1968, the first day of the ...

TET Offensive
... The TET Offensive was the North Vietcong attack on numerous provincial and district
capitals in South Vietnam, including Saigon. The attack demonstrated how ... Encyclopeadia: Tet offensive
... Tet offensive. 1968, a series of crucial battles in the Vietnam War. On Jan. 31,
1968, the first day of the celebration of the lunar new year, Vietnam's most ...

Tet offensive. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001
... major offensive throughout South Vietnam. It took weeks for ... of Hue. Although the offensive
was not militarily successful ... See JJ Wirtz, Tet Offensive (1992). 2. ...

The Tet Offensive 1968
... VC and gradual withdrawal of the Allied forces from vietnam and in political terms,
the turmoil that followed the Tet offensive in 1968 signaled the end of the ...

Tet Offensive
Tet Offensive January 30, 1968. The Tet Offensive started on the first day of Tet,
the Vietnam name for the Chinese Lunar New Year. The Viet Cong (rebel forces ...

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