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Pol Pot


Cambodian Prime Minister and head of the Khmer Rouge who was responsible for widespread executions, forced labor, and famine killing an estimated 3 million Cambodians.


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Online NewsHour: Pol Pot's Legacy-- June 18, 1997
... under the leadership of Soloth Sar, better known as Pol Pot. ... caused largely by the
spilling over of the Vietnam War. Peasants were ruined by the war’s ...

CNN - US seeks Chinese support for Pol Pot trial - April ...
... China supported Pol Pot's regime in the '70s because he resisted Vietnamese domination
of Southeast Asia after the United States was forced to leave Vietnam. ...

Pol Pot's bloody regime haunts Michigan refugees - 4/17/98
... after the May 1970 US invasion. When the US withdrew from Vietnam in April 1975,
Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge forces took over. Ju said members of his family ...

The death of Pol Pot
... was played by the United States government, which saw Pol Pot as a useful Cold War
ally, since he was at war with Vietnam, which was allied to the Soviet Union ...

Pol Pot last Day
... My only wish is that Cambodians stay united so that Vietnam will not swallow our
country." Pol Pot never expressed any regrets, she says. "What I would like ...

Pol Pot
... were killed by direct methods. 1979- there was a Vietnam invasion. The Vietnamese
army deposed Pol Pot's government and established a puppet government in its ...

The State News - Pol Pot trial an example of selective ...
... and executions. And after the Khmer Rouge was deposed by Communist Vietnam forces,
Pol Pot and his guerrillas continued fighting, and they are still fighting ... The Cambodia Report
... execution. 1978, Vietnam invades Cambodia. Pol Pot
and his Khmer Rouge are driven into jungle. 1991, ...

The News-Times International News Pol Pot alleges plot to ...
... After Vietnam ousted Pol Pot's regime, he led his men into the jungle. They fought
against the Vietnamese-backed regime of the 1980s, and then against the ...

Will Cambodia put Pol Pot's legacy to rest?
... Driven from power by the Vietnamese, Pol Pot and thousands of his followers found ... who,
like him, were fearful of Vietnam. As the monstrous reality of the ...

USNews: Is Pol Pot better off dead? (4/27/98)
... proved embarrassing to the United States. After Vietnam invaded Cambodia in 1978
to destroy Pol Pot's regime, Washington backed the anti-Vietnamese military ...

Pol Pot and The Art of War
... with a winning strategy. After the overthrow of his murderous regime by Vietnam
in 1979, Pol Pot declared that his communist party had been dissolved, he was ...

Cambodian tyrant Pol Pot hid brutality behind charisma
... the United States and China - all of whom had an ax to grind with Vietnam - Pol Pot
led a guerrilla struggle into the 1990s from strongholds on the Thai border ...

Hua Guofeng and Pol Pot; 29 September 1977 [place not ...
... September 1977 [place not provided] Pol Pot: The Soviet Union, Vietnam, and Cuba
are cooperating in order to fight us in the border areas. We think that they ...

Pol Pot biography
... cause. The Government, however, began a Communist crackdown and Pol Pot was forced
to flee to the Jungles near the Vietnam border to avoid arrest. For the next ... | TIME 100: Pol Pot | 8/23/99-8/30/99
... to the hated Vietnamese. Pol Pot assumed that the Cambodian revolution would be
swifter and more authentic than anything Vietnam could carry out. His Chinese ...

Fight survives Pol Pot
... After Vietnam's army toppled the Khmer Rouge in 1979, the guerrillas ... made peace.
In return, some leaders as bloodstained as Pol Pot received amnesty. ...

Pol Pot
... In 1979, conflicts between Cambodia and Vietnam led to a Vietnamese invasion.
The Vietnamese army deposed Pol Pot s government and established a puppet ...

WHO DO WE BLAME FOR POL POT ? Base: Vietnam Portfolio - Protest Date: Sat, 18 Apr
1998 01:09:04 GMT From: (Dr. Barry Spatz) ...

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