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American’s Four United Republics: Discovery-Based Curriculum

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Earth Picture


41/2 billion years

6,600,000,000,000,000,000,000 tons  

-- once every 23 hours, 56 minutes, 4.09 seconds
Revolution - around the sun every 365 days, 6 hours, 9 minutes, 9.53 seconds

Polar Diameter
--7,899.93 miles (12,713.54 kilometers)
Equatorial Diameter
  --7,926.41 miles (12,756.32 kilometers)
Polar Circumference
--24,859.82 miles (40,008.00 kilometers)
Equatorial Circumference
--24,901.55 miles (40,075.16 kilometers)

Total Surface Area
--196,950,000 square miles - 509,917,870 square kilometers Land Area--57,285,000 square miles - 148,380,000 square kilometers
30 per cent of total surface area. 
Water Area-- 139,665,400 square miles - 361,537,870 square kilometers
70 per cent of total surface area.

Land Features  
Highest Land
--Mount Everest, 29,028 feet 8,648 meters  
Lowest Land
--shore of Dead Sea, 1,299 feet 396 meters below sea level.

Ocean Features 
Deepest Part of Ocean
--Pacific Ocean southwest of Guam 36,198 feet 
Average Ocean Depth
--12,450 feet 

 Highest, 136
o F. (58o C) at Al Aziziyah, Libya. 
, -126.9
o F (-88.29o C) at Vostok in Antarctica. 
Average Surface Temperature
, 57
o F (14o C).

Height -- 99 per cent of the atmosphere is less than 100 miles  above the earth's surface, but particles of the atmosphere are 1,000 miles above the surface. 
--78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, .9% argon & .1% other gases.

 Earth's Crust Components
 Oxygen 46.6; Silicon 27.7; Aluminum 8.1; Iron 5.0; Calcium 3.6; Sodium 2.8; Potassium 2.6; Magnesium 2.0; and remaining  elements totaling 1.6.


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Please join us in our mission to incorporate America's Four United Republics discovery-based curriculum into the classroom of every primary and secondary school in the United States of America by July 2, 2026, the nation’s 250th birthday. , the United States of America: We The People Click Here


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Historic Documents

Articles of Association

Articles of Confederation 1775

Articles of Confederation

Article the First

Coin Act

Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence

Emancipation Proclamation

Gettysburg Address

Monroe Doctrine

Northwest Ordinance

No Taxation Without Representation

Thanksgiving Proclamations

Mayflower Compact

Treaty of Paris 1763

Treaty of Paris 1783

Treaty of Versailles

United Nations Charter

United States In Congress Assembled

US Bill of Rights

United States Constitution

US Continental Congress

US Constitution of 1777

US Constitution of 1787

Virginia Declaration of Rights


Historic Events

Battle of New Orleans

Battle of Yorktown

Cabinet Room

Civil Rights Movement

Federalist Papers

Fort Duquesne

Fort Necessity

Fort Pitt

French and Indian War

Jumonville Glen

Manhattan Project

Stamp Act Congress

Underground Railroad

US Hospitality

US Presidency

Vietnam War

War of 1812

West Virginia Statehood

Woman Suffrage

World War I

World War II


Is it Real?

Declaration of

Digital Authentication
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America’s Four Republics
The More or Less United States

Continental Congress
U.C. Presidents

Peyton Randolph

Henry Middleton

Peyton Randolph

John Hancock


Continental Congress
U.S. Presidents

John Hancock

Henry Laurens

John Jay

Samuel Huntington


Constitution of 1777
U.S. Presidents

Samuel Huntington

Samuel Johnston
Elected but declined the office

Thomas McKean

John Hanson

Elias Boudinot

Thomas Mifflin

Richard Henry Lee

John Hancock
Chairman David Ramsay]

Nathaniel Gorham

Arthur St. Clair

Cyrus Griffin


Constitution of 1787
U.S. Presidents

George Washington 

John Adams
Federalist Party

Thomas Jefferson
Republican* Party

James Madison 
Republican* Party

James Monroe
Republican* Party

John Quincy Adams
Republican* Party
Whig Party

Andrew Jackson
Republican* Party
Democratic Party

Martin Van Buren
Democratic Party

William H. Harrison
Whig Party

John Tyler
Whig Party

James K. Polk
Democratic Party

David Atchison**
Democratic Party

Zachary Taylor
Whig Party

Millard Fillmore
Whig Party

Franklin Pierce
Democratic Party

James Buchanan
Democratic Party

Abraham Lincoln 
Republican Party

Jefferson Davis***
Democratic Party

Andrew Johnson
Republican Party

Ulysses S. Grant 
Republican Party

Rutherford B. Hayes
Republican Party

James A. Garfield
Republican Party

Chester Arthur 
Republican Party

Grover Cleveland
Democratic Party

Benjamin Harrison
Republican Party

Grover Cleveland 
Democratic Party

William McKinley
Republican Party

Theodore Roosevelt
Republican Party

William H. Taft 
Republican Party

Woodrow Wilson
Democratic Party

Warren G. Harding 
Republican Party

Calvin Coolidge
Republican Party

Herbert C. Hoover
Republican Party

Franklin D. Roosevelt
Democratic Party

Harry S. Truman
Democratic Party

Dwight D. Eisenhower
Republican Party

John F. Kennedy
Democratic Party

Lyndon B. Johnson 
Democratic Party 

Richard M. Nixon 
Republican Party

Gerald R. Ford 
Republican Party

James Earl Carter, Jr. 
Democratic Party

Ronald Wilson Reagan 
Republican Party

George H. W. Bush
Republican Party 

William Jefferson Clinton
Democratic Party

George W. Bush 
Republican Party

Barack H. Obama
Democratic Party

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Forgotten Founders
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Annapolis Continental
Congress Society

U.S. Presidency
& Hospitality

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