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Nikola Tesla
1856 - 1943

The Serbian-American Inventor


Tesla The Movie - click here


Nikola Tesla Autobiography

Chapter 1, My Early Life

Chapter 2, The Childhood of Nikola Tesla

Chapter 3, How Tesla Conceived The Rotary Magnetic Field

Chapter 4, The Discovery of the Tesla Coil and Transformer

Chapter 5, World Wide System Technologies

Chapter 6, Nikola Tesla


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Nikola Tesla: inventor, engineer, scientist
Tesla's portrait]" Nikola Tesla (185k). ... Nature and Nature's laws lay hid
in night: God said, "Let Tesla be", and all was light. ...

Rua Urussuí, 238 1º andar - São Paulo SP - tel.: 3846-2090,

Nikola Tesla Page, Tesla Coils (Bill Beaty's Homepage)
... Nikola Tesla Page, tesla coils. ... Shortcuts. ... LOOKING FOR BOOKS? Try
searching (try "tesla coil" too). ...
Description: Lots of links: coilers, Tesla history, books...

Future home of
... THE SPIRIT OF TESLA. "The spirit of Nikola Tesla continues to reach out from the
past. Experimenters and Researchers, who have made do with their own resources ...

Tesla Engine Builders Association. TEBA. ... Introduction. From the New York
Herald Tribune Oct. 15, 1911. Tesla's New Monarch of Machines. ...
Description: Non-profit membership organization devoted to the Tesla bladeless turbine rotary

Muzej Nikole Tesle - Nikola Tesla Museum - Homepage
... Autori - Authors: Sanda Praštalo: E-mail <>
Branislav Subotiæ: E ...
Description: Sajt muzeja velikog naucnika i izumitelja

The Complete Nikola Tesla Complete US Patent Collection - ...
Jim Bieberich's Complete. Nikola Tesla US Patent Collection. ... Order Tesla Patent
Copies, Entire Collection, FBI File. Recommended Tesla Reading, ...
Description: The complete, definitive list of all US patents issued to Nikola Tesla. All patents available...

Chris Hill's Tesla Coil Home Page.
Chris Hill's Tesla Coil Home Page. Disclaimer ... Get
Internet Explorer. ... Basics ...
Description: Electronic theory of Tesla Coils and many links.

Tesla Coil Mailing List
Tesla Coil Mailing List Tesla Coil Mailing List. Welcome to the tesla coil mailing
list page. From here you can jump to various topics that interest you. ...
Description: A moderated list which discusses tesla coil construction, operation, measurement and use.

Nikola Tesla - Man Out of Time
Nikola Tesla 1856-1943. Books! You can buy Tesla books online! Just
check out my online bookstore for Tesla books and more! ...



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The Congressional Evolution of the United States Henry Middleton

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