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Aristotle was born in the northern Greek city of Stageira and was attended Plato's Academy. Here he studied under Plato for 21 years. After Plato's death, Aristotle became a wandering teacher and tutored Alexander the Great's tutor.  He founded the Lyceum school where he wrote and lectured on topics ranging from Logic to Biology to Physics to Ethics.


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Aristotle (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Aristotle
(384-322 BCE.). Life. Aristotle ...

Aristotle Web Design: Award-Winning Website Design & Marketing
... design skills and reputation for fast and reliable Internet connectivity has made
Aristotle the provider of choice for clients such as Oaklawn, KATV, B98.5 ...

Aristotle (384-322 BCE). Mine is the first step and
therefore a small one, though worked ...

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
... Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GR 540 06 Thessaloniki.
Copyright 1995-2000 Network Operation Center.

Ethical Theory; Ethics; Aristotle
... A Survey of Internet Resources on Aristotle and Virtue Ethics. ... A Survey
of Selected Philosophical Literature on Aristotle and Virtue Ethics. ...

Project Aristotle(sm): Automated Categorization of Web ...
Project Aristotle(sm): Automated Categorization of Web Resources. ... July 26, 1999.

Science and Human Values - Aristotle
Prof. Fred L. Wilson. Rochester Institute of Technology. Science and Human
Values. Aristotle. Overview of Aristotle. ... Aristotle's Teachings. ...

The Internet Classics Archive | Works by Aristotle
... Works by Aristotle The Athenian Constitution Written 350 BCE Translated by Sir
Frederic G. Kenyon Read discussion: 10 comments Categories Written 350 BCE ...

... Aristotle (384-322 BCE). ... Aristotle's logic by Robin Smith. Aristotle's metaphysics
by S. Marc Cohen. Aristotle's political theory by Fred D. Miller, Jr.. ...

Aristotle -
ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA. Aristotle b. 384 BC, Stagira,
Chalcidice, Greece d. 322, Chalcis, Euboea. ...4

Aristotle s Logic
... Aristotle s Logic. Aristotle s logic ... systems themselves.
2: Aristotle s Logical Works: The Organon. The ...

Aristotle's Influence on Contemporary Biology
Aristotle's Influence on Contemporary Biology. ... Also see ... Philosophy 433:
Aristotle. You are reader # to suffer through this article! ...

Aristotle et al.
... Aristotle et al. Readings for Philosophers and Catholics. ... The American Philosophical
Association also has a Web Page. Works of Plato and Aristotle. ...

... Handbook of ... Special offer for New Advent readers: Our
Family Prayer Book. Aristotle. The greatest ...

Greek Philosophy: Aristotle
Aristotle represents for most of us an icon of difficult or abstruse philosophical
thinking; to know Aristotle often provokes hushed whispers even from highly ...

Guide To Philosophers - Aristotle
... Aristotle (384-322 BC). Biography. ... General investigation
of the things: Metaphysics. ... Aristotle on the Web. ...

Aristotle's Astronomy
Aristotle's Astronomy. by Thomas Fowler. Look at the
comments on this paper. To the modern reader ...

Aristotle - philosophy papers on...
Aristotle : Papers On His Philosophies. THIS website
lists DOZENS of papers on the philosophies ...

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - LABORATORY OF TRANSPORT ...
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ILTweb: Study Place: Aristotle
... Aristotle. ... Works on ILTweb. Aristotle. Nicomachean Ethics. Translated by WD Ross.
Oxford, Clarendon Press. 1908 Edition. On (Virginia Tech). ...

Philosophers : Aristotle
Aristotle. Greek Philosopher. 384-322 BC. He studied
(367-347 BC) under Plato and later (342-339 ...

Concordances of Aristotle
Concordances - Aristotle. Text and Search Word Indexes of Classic
Books. Main Page - over 700 Books! **** Unabridged Dictionary ...

Halloween on the Web from Aristotle
... Copyright ©2000 Aristotle. All rights reserved. Website
sponsored by Aristotle. Design by Aristotle .

Ethics of Isocrates, Aristotle, and Diogenes by Sanderson ...
BECK index. Isocrates, Aristotle, and Diogenes. ... Hippocrates.
Mentioned by Plato for ...

A Slice of Philosphy: Aristotle (384-322 BC)
[back home] Aristotle (384-322 BC) ... Greek philosopher,
logician and a great scientist ...

IMSS - Multimedia Catalogue - Biography ARISTOTLE
ARISTOTLE. Stagira 384 BC. - Calcide 322 BC. Greek
philosopher. Aristotle was the founder ...

Aristotle's Virtue Ethics
Aristotle's Virtue Ethics. Dr. Charles Ess - Philosophy and Religion Department -
Drury University. ... Note the epistemological layers Aristotle is working through: ...

Bibliography on Aristotle's metaphysics and ethics
A Little Aristotle Bibliography. Mostly about Aristotle's Metaphysics
and Ethics. ... I. Translations and editions of Aristotle's works. ...

Aristotle Commentary
Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics: Commentary. ... The purpose
of the following Commentary pages is to ...

The Works of Aristotle at LibertyOnline
The Works of Aristotle. Aristotle is the first important
figure in the history of individual ...

The Light Cone: Aristotle's Spacetime
... Aristotle's Spacetime. ... Aristotle (384-322 BC).
Space and Time according to Aristotle. ... - Results for Aristotle
... Electric Library's Free Encyclopedia Aristotle 384-322 BC, Greek philosopher. He
studied (367-347 BC) under PLATO and later (342-339 BC) tutored ALEXANDER THE ...

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