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Emperor Meiji



122nd Emperor known as the symbol of Japan's modernization. He marked the beginning of a national revolution developing Japan into an industrial and military world power. He introduced Western ideas and technology into Japan.  He was the first emperor to grant farmers titles to their lands and instituted public education for all Japanese people.

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Emperor Meiji
... Meiji (1852-1912), emperor of Japan (1867-1912), born Prince Mutsuhito and the 122nd
emperor in the traditional count, whose accession to the throne marked the ...

Meiji Emperor
Meiji Emperor. The Meiji Emperor (1852-1912) took the throne in 1867. Although a
young man, he had significant presence and charisma and was an inspirational ...

Meiji Emperor
... Meiji Emperor , 1852 1912 , reign name of emperor of Japan (1867 1912). His given
name was Mutsuhito. He ascended the throne when he was 15. A year later the ...

xrefer - Meiji Tenno (born Mutsuhito) (1852 - 1912)
... Meiji Tenno (born Mutsuhito) (1852 - 1912), Emperor of Japan 1868-1912. He took
the name Meiji Tenno when he became emperor. His accession saw the restoration ...

MEIJI EMPEROR. The Columbia Encyclopedia: Sixth Edition. 2000
... (m j ) (KEY), 1852 1912, reign name of emperor of Japan (1867 1912). His given name
was ... returned to the emperor. This was the Meiji restoration, the chief ...

Gyosei - The poetry of the Emperoe Meiji
... the second son of Emperor Komei, was born on November 3, 1852 in Kyoto and named ... Restoration.
During the Meiji Era (1862-1912), Japan flourished the ...

Collectors Forum - Silver Japanese commemorative emperor coins ...
... front is a recessed picture of Emperor Meiji and it says, "The Great Emperor Meiji
1852-1912" along with something in Japanese. On the back is what I think is ...

kamakuragu shrine
... by military rulers. Over 500 years until Emperor Meiji (1852-1912) gained the supremacy
in 1868, the Prince had almost been forgotten. For the Emperor, it was ...

Japan, Tokyo, Attractions
... 1,700 years old. It is dedicated to Emperor Meiji (1852 1912) the monarch credited
with opening Japan to the outside world and his consort. The treasure house ...

... Mike & Judy. This Shinto shrine and its large park are dedicated to the spirit of
Emperor Meiji (1852-1912) and his wife, Empress Shoken. Emperor Meiji reigned ...

Aug 22
... 700 years old. It is dedicated to Emperor Meiji (1852–1912)—the monarch credited
with opening Japan to the outside world—and his consort. The treasure house ...

Tôkyô: Meiji shrine
... in the view of the Japanese because it is dedicated to the Meiji emperor (1852-1912)
and to his wife, the empress Shôken (1850-1914). Although the Meiji ...

Yoshino "Yoshino Shrine"
... The Yoshino Shrine was erected in 1889 to the memory of Emperor Go-Daigo by Emperor
Meiji (1852-1912). The shrine is dedicated to Emperor Go-Daigo and annexed ...

Tairiki Nippo on Microfilm
... to the Emperor. Japan's modern state started in 1867, the same year as the birth
of the Dominion of Canada, under the Emperor Meiji (1852-1912). This new young ...

... to be more than 1,700 years old. It is dedicated to Emperor Meiji (1852­1912)--the
monarch credited with opening Japan to the outside world--and his consort.

The Yamato dynasty (in MARION)
... Peggy Seagrave. Author: ... Published: New York : Broadway
Books, c1999. Subject: ... Material: xvii, 394 ...

National Univ. of Singapore Library /All Locations
... Mark Nearby SUBJECTS are: Entries Meiji Bungaku Zenshu Indexes 1 Meiji Emperor Of
Japan 1852 1912 3 Meiji Emperor Of Japan 1852 1912 Assassination Attempt 1910 ...

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