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The Seven Flags of the New Orleans Tri-Centennial

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Revolutionary War Hall

"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude." --Thomas Jefferson

Joseph Warren's Death Scene - Bunker Hill

United States Of America

No Taxation Without Representation


Revolutionary War Battles & Events


Battle Of Bennington

Battle Of Brandywine

Battle Of Bunkerhill

Battle Of Bunkerhill

Battle Of Camden

Battle Of Cowpens

Battle Of Eutaw Springs

Battle Of Germantown

Battle Of Hobkirks Hill

Battle Of Long Island

Battle of Monmouth

Battle Of New York

Battle Of Orinsky

Battle Of Paoli

Battle Of Princeton

Battle of Quebec

Battle Of Saratoga

Battle Of Trenton

Battle Of Valcour Bay

Battle Of Yorktown

Battle Of Yorktown

Battle Of Yorktown

Battle Of Yorktown

Boston Massacre

Boston Tea Party

Fort Henry

Fort Henry

Fort Griswold

Fort Ticonderoga

Fort Washington

Fort Washington

Guilford Court House

Massacre At Wyoming

Northwest Territory

Ride Of Paul Revere

Seige Of Boston

Siege Of Charleston


Revolutionary War Black History

James Armistead

Crispus Attucks

Oliver Cromwell

Henri Christophe

James Forten

Ned Hector

Salem Poor

Rhode Island Regiment

Prince Whipple

Historic Figures

Abigail Adams

American Privateers

Ethan Allen

John Alsop

John Alsop

John Alsop

John Andre

Benedict Arnold

John Barry

Jonh Barry

Ann Bates

Abraham Clark

Beau Marchais

Elias Boudinot

William Bradford

John Burgoyne

Aaron Burr

Earl Of Carlisle

Benjamin Church

George Clinton

Henry Clinton

Charles Cornwallis

Jane Mc Crea

John Dunlap

Andrew Ellicott

Thomas Gage

Horatio Gates

Mary Katherine Goddard

Nathaniel Gorham

Cyrus Griffin

Nathan Hale

Alexander Hamilton

John Hanson

William Heath

Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry

Thomas Heyward, Jr .

William Hooper

Stephen Hopkins

Francis Hopkinson

Frederick Howard

William Howe

Jedidiah Huntington

John Jay

John Jay

Thomas Jefferson

John Paul Jones

King George III

King Louis XVI

Baron Von Knyphausen

Thaddeus Kosciusko

Thaddeus Kosciusko

Marquis De Lafayette

Henry Laurens

Francis Lightfoot Lee

Richard Henry Lee

Francis Lewis

Philip Livingston

Benjamin Lincoln

Robert Livingston

Thomas Lynch, Jr.

Francis Marion

Arthur Middleton

Henry Middleton

Thomas Mifflin

Lewis Morris

Robert Morris

Samuel Parsons

Thomas Nelson, Jr.

William Paca

Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine

Robert Treat Paine

John Penn

John Penn - Tory

Timothy Pickering

Enoch Poor

Casimer Pulaski

Israel Putnam

Israel Putnam

Queen Charlotte

Edmund Randolf

Edmund Randolph

Edmund Jennings Randolph

Peyton Randolph

George Read

Bonne Homme Richard

Jean Baptiste Rochambeau

George Ross

Benjamin Rush

Edward Rutledge

Haym Salomon

Philip Schuyler

William Shippen

James Smith

Joseph Stansbury

Thomas Stone

Thomas Sumter

Benjamin Tallmadge

George Taylor

Charles Thomson

Matthew Thornton

George Walton

George Washington

General George Washington

Martha Washington

Anthony Wayne

Anthony Wayne

William Whipple

William Williams

James Wilson

Henry Wisner

Henry Wisner

Henry Wisner

John Witherspoon

Oliver Wolcott

George Wythe

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The Congressional Evolution of the United States Henry Middleton

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