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Gautama Buddha
563-483 BC

Gautama Buddha's real name was Siddhartha who is also known as  the Buddha or "Enlightened One." He was the founder of Buddhism, one of the great religions of the world. He was born, the son of a wealthy ruler of a kingdom near Nepal, in Asia. Many miracles are said to have herald his birth.

When Siddhartha realized the misery of the world, he left his palace, his father, his wife and his children, and wandered for seven years seeking the truth. He reached spiritual enlightenment while sitting under a Bo-tree. He spent the remainder of his life teaching the people who gathered about him.


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Gautama Buddha
Siddhartha Gautama, known as the Buddha, was born in the sixth century BC in what
is now modern Nepal. His father, Suddhodana, was the ruler of the Sakya ... - Gautama Buddha (Siddhartha) (ca. 563-480 BC)
Nobel-3 Alibris. Gautama Buddha (Siddhartha) (ca. 563-480
BC) [FWBO]. ...

Kamat's Potpourri: Bhagavan Gautama Buddha
... A Brief Biography of Gautama Buddha. Page Last Updated: September 30, 2000. Gautama
was born as Siddhartha in the Kshatria caste of the Shakya clan in 566 BC ...

Temple of Buddha
... later life he was known also as Sakyamuni (Sage of the Sakyas). The name Gautama
Buddha is a combination of the family name Gautama and the appellation Buddha ...

Gautama Buddha anticipated Maitreya
Gautama Buddha anticipated Maitreya. "Now in those days, brethren, there shall arise
in the world an Exalted One by name Maitreya (the Kindly One) an Arhat, a ...

Gautama Buddha
Gautama Buddha. There is no path in ... forever in eternity.
Gautama Buddha, The Dhammapada. ... Gautama Buddha ...

28. The Life of Gautama Buddha. Wells, HG 1922. A Short ...
... HG Wells (1866 1946). A Short History of the World. 1922.
XXVIII. The Life of Gautama Buddha ...

Gautama Buddha; Singh, Igbal // Singh, Iqbal; Trade Cloth
Gautama Buddha; Singh, Igbal // Singh, Iqbal - Trade
Cloth, ... Help & ... Gautama Buddha. By: Singh ...

"Gautama the Buddha" by G. de Purucker
... Middle Way; whereas Aryasangha, the one who was a direct disciple of Gautama the
Buddha himself, was the founder of the original or primitive Yogachara school ...

Image Information for Ascetic Gautama Buddha Sculpture
[08.16.98] Ascetic Gautama Buddha Sculpture
Ascetic Gautama Buddha Sculpture. ...

Neues Wissen & Neue Wege - Gautama Buddha
... Porträt 6: Siddhartha Gautama Buddha. Wir erleben gegenwärtig eine Renaissance
der Lehren des Buddha. Deshalb gehören manche seiner Lehren durchaus zur ...

Gautama Buddha und Jesus Christus
Gautama Buddha und Jesus Christus Brüder oder Gegner im Geist? von Hans Gruber.
"Im wohl behüteten Selbst findet sich ein Erlöser, der anderswo kaum zu ...

The Buddha's Life
... (exerpted from THE TEACHING OF BUDDHA, THE BUDDHIST BIBLE ) 1. The Shakya ... of the
Himalayas. Their King Suddhodana Gautama had transferred his capitol to Kapila ...

Johann Sauerschnig: Gautama Buddha
Johann Sauerschnig, Block 11. ... Gautama Buddha tritt die Wanderung nach Benares,
der großen Stadt am heiligen Ganges, an. Er sucht die Menschen ... ...

OUP USA: Gautama Buddha
... 0195639243 Add to My Basket 1997 In Stock S&H: Standard Oxford India Paperbacks,
Gautama Buddha IQBAL SINGH For the past two thousand years and more, the figure ...

Gautama Buddha's (563-483 BC)
... Gautama Buddha's (563-483 BC) real name was Siddhartha, and in later life he was
known also as Sakyamuni (Sage of Sakya). Buddha, born in Kapilavastu (Nepal ...


The Enlightened One-Gautama Buddha - www.secondcomingmission. ...
... The Enlightened One, Gautama Buddha, opens the Western Universal gate of the Holy
City and represents the principle of self-realised universal consciousness. ...

Lord Gautama Buddha-Significance of New Wesak
The Significance of the New Wesak by Lord Gautama Buddha Wesak, the Festival of
the Buddha, approaches. The snow streaked Himalayan valley is still. The full ...

Gautama Buddha
... Gautama Buddha. " Faça de você uma Luz "! " Oh, Amados lotus florescem e descansam
no seio do Deus eterno, eu me curvo ante a fragrância de abertura de suas ...

The Gospel of Gautama Buddha
25.3 The Gospel of Gautama Buddha. In Association
with 3. The fundamental teaching ...

India Travelog: Bookshelf - The Strider Over Battle-Fields by ...
... Over Battle-Fields This tale by Gautama Buddha is taken from one of the sacred books
of Buddhism, The Jataka (Pali-Sanskrit, 1st century BC). A collection of ...

ZOOM Verleih - Filmtitel: G : Gautama Buddha - ein Leben ...
ZOOM Verleih - Filmtitel: G. Gautama Buddha - ein Leben
im Licht. Der Film charakterisiert ...

Gautama Buddha
Click here to see more! How Low Can You Go? ... Gautama Buddha (Prince Siddhartha) philosopher
Birthplace: Kapilavastu, India Born: c. 563 Buddha. Died: c. 483 BC ...

Gautama Buddha
Click here to see more! ... people Biography People G Gautama Buddha (Prince Siddhartha)
philosopher Birthplace: Kapilavastu, India Born: c. 563 Buddha. ...

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