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Wagner - Discovered 1859


 Compsognathus is a Coelurosaur ('hollow-tailed reptile'). Coelurosaurs  were slender, fast-running predators with small heads, sharp teeth, long flexible necks and long arms with sharp claws.  Compsognathus was discovered in the late Jurassic-age rocks in Germany and France. The first remains were discovered n a lithographic limestone in southern Germany in the late 1850's. Compsognathus had a long tail that counterbalanced its front. It was a bipedal (two-legged) and was probably a fleet-footed predator of small animals. Compsognathus is one of the smallest dinosaurs, measuring only 28 inches to 4 feet in length, most of that being its tail section. -- Text by: Bob Simon


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Compsognathus. The smallest known dinosaur, Compsognathus,
is believed by many scientists ...

Ihre Seite wird geladen ... (

Compsognathus (The Natural History Museum, London)
Previous data file | Next data file | Dinosaur list Copyright 1994-2000 The
Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London, SW7 5BD, UK. ...

... Compsognathus was once the smallest known dinosaur -- about the size of a chicken.
Because of its size and the lightness of its bones, it is believed that ...

SENCKENBERG Compsognathus
Naturmuseum Senckenberg. Compsognathus "Zartkiefer" 140 Millionen Jahre alt
Oberer Jura von Jachenhausen (Bayern) Modell Nahrung: Tiere (Eidechsen) ...

Kinetosaurs: Dinosaur Database
... Compsognathus (komp-sog-NAY-thus) Compsognathus was one of the smallest dinosaurs
alive. It was about the size of a chicken. Its pointed head, flexible neck ...

Figure: Compsognathus
... Figure: Compsognathus . While most dinosaurs were large, this one, Compsognathus
longipes, was small about the size of a domestic cat. The German scientist who ...

DINOSAUR-1996Oct: feathers, hair and Compsognathus
feathers, hair and Compsognathus. Paul Davis (
Thu, 17 Oct 1996 17:24 ...

DinoData Dinosaurs COMPSOGNATHUS longipes C161
Dinosaurs C. DinoData. ... NAME, COMPSOGNATHUS longipes. DESCRIBER,
Wagner,1859. TIME, Jurassic Late Kimmeridgian Tithonian. ...

Compsognathus longipes
Long Footed Delicate-Jaw Compsognathus longipes (Wagner, 1859) The semiarid islands
of Jurassic Europe support no large animals and few dinosaurs. Most of ...

Lycos Animals Guide: Compsognathus
... More Help. Compsognathus. Top Rated Websites. Rating, Web Pages. 95, Compsognathus-
Enchanted Learning Software ...

Nopcsa and a Dinner for Compsognathus, 1903
13a. Nopcsa and a Dinner for Compsognathus, 1903. In
1881 Othniel Marsh had a chance to examine ...

Joshua Knuth: Compsognathus Longipes Sculpture
Joshua Knuth Compsognathus Longipes. Compsognathus
Longipes 34" in length (approx. life size ...

Compsognathus sp.
Name: Compsognathus sp. (cast) Locality: Solnhofen, Germany.
Age: Late Jurassic. Showcase: The Dinosaur Hall. ...

Compsognathus. ... Nopcsa, Baron F.,13a. Nopcsa and a Dinner for Compsognathus,
1903,, 1903. ...

Compsognathus. ... What did the Compsognathus eat? Large insects, lizards, and mouse-like
animals, Where did the Compsognathus live? France and Germany, ...

Compsognathus (komp-SOG-na-thus) Compsognathus = "delicate
jaw". The tiny, birdlike ...

[Dinosaur, Compsognathus]
Dinosaur, Compsognathus. CLIMATE/TERRAIN: Any land,

Compsognathus page
Significant Discoveries. Compsognathus. In 1861 the first reasonably complete dinosaur
skeleton was found. It belonged to a juvenile bird-like creature, found in ...

Saurischian dinosaurs: Coelurosaur: Compsognathus
Saurischian dinosaurs. Coelurosaur. Compsognathus.
Compsognathus or 'pretty jaw' was ...

Compsognathus (comp-sug-NAY-thus). A Late Jurassic
theropod from Europe (Southern ...

Samantekt um Compsognathus
Compsognathus Nafn: Compsognathus eða Þvengeðla (kjötæta). Ættbálkur: Risaeðla.
Ætt: Theropods. Stærð og þyngd: Skrokklengd ca. 60 cm, hæð ekki ...

Il compsognathus
Il compsognathus. Il compsognathus, dinosauro della famiglia dei celurosauri, visse
nel Giurassico, tra 145 e 128 milioni di anni fa. Era piccolo come un pollo ...

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... These small, fast running dinosaurs lived at the same time Coelurus was known to
have been in North America. Compsognathus fossils have been found in Europe. ...

DinoMania! - Le Compsognathus
Compsognathus Fiche descriptive: Son nom signifie, " à la mâchoire
élégante". Famille / Ordre, Compsognathidés/ Saurischiens. ...

Compsognathus (S065)
Dinosaur Image Library / Compsognathus (S065). Toltec Images 1/21/00. ...

Compsognathus. Photoshop 2657 pixels x 1406 pixels. Each of the illustrations for
this book were very speedily painted due to the quick turn-around needed to ...

Picture Compsognathus, Compsognathus, a small, carnivorous, or meat-eating, dinosaur
that inhabited Europe during the late Jurassic period, about 144 to 163 ...

Dino Land Travels Database Boston Museum of Science: ...
Museum of Science, Boston, Massachusetts DATE OF VISIT: August 2000. ...

Compsognathus -
ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA. Compsognathus. genus of very
small predaceous dinosaurs in Europe during ...

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