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Kurzanov - Discovered 1981

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Dinosaur Safaris, Inc.
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Avimimus -
... AVIMIMUS "Bird mimic". ... WHEN AVIMIMUS LIVED Avimimus lived during the
late Cretaceous period, about 85 million-75 million years ago. ...

Avimimus -- The Dinosauricon
... CLASSIFICATION. Avimimus Kurzanov, 1981: TYPE SPECIES: A. portentosus Kurzanov, 1981
"0 bird mimic". ... Avimimus may be related to Caudipteryx and/or Kakuru. IMAGES. ...

Avimimus portentosus. Avimimus portentosus -Kurzanov,
1981- skeleton Archosauria: Saurischia ...

Dinosaur Dictionary - Avimimus
... Avimimus. AH-vee-MIM-mus NAME: bird mimic TIME: 85 million to 75 million years ago
SIZE: 5 feet long PLACE: Mongolia, This birdlike dinosaur was toothless but ...

DinoData Dinosaurs AVIMIMUS portentosus A225
Dinosaurs A. DinoData. ... NAME, AVIMIMUS portentosus. DESCRIBER, Kurzanov,1981.
TIME, Cretaceous Late Coniacian Santonian Campanian. ...

DINOSAUR-1996May: Mononykus and Avimimus
Mononykus and Avimimus. Tim Williams (
Tue, 28 May 1996 11:20:45 -0400: ...

[Contents] [Back] [Previous] [Next] [Names] AVIMIMUS
[piclink.gif] (bird mimic) Maniraptoriformes ...

Avimimus (S053)
Dinosaur Image Library / Avimimus (S053). Toltec Images 1/21/00. ...

Genus Avimimus
Avimimus Kurzanov, 1981. Comments. Species List.
A. portentosus Kurzanov, 1981 Type Species

Avimimus portentosus
Portentous Bird-Mimic Avimimus portentosus (Kurzanov, 1981) Avimimus portentosus,
is a small herbivore of Cretaceous interior Asia. Similar to Caudipteryx ...

Heatherwood 3rd - Dinosaurs - Avimimus
... AVIMIMUS By Kevin. Although there are millions of dinosaurs, I happened to study
Avimimus. His name means bird mimic. He lived about seventy-five million years ...

Artenporträt: Avimimus
komplette Liste Schwerpunkt/Kreide Avimimus portentosus. Avimimus ist ziemlich sicher
ein Dinosaurier, aber ein außergewöhnlicher: Wie bei Mononykus gibt es ...

Dinosaur Treks : Rate Avimimus
... Dinosaur Treks : >Rate Avimimus. Rate Avimimus. ... Please rate the link Avimimus
between one and ten, with ten being tops. ---. ...

AVIMIMUS The Avimimus lived 85 to 75 million years ago. It was a very small dinosaur,
it could only get up to 5 feet in length. The Avimimus could be found in ...

Avimimus portentosus. Avimimus portentosus Avimimus
portentosus -Kurzanov, 1981- skeleton Archosauria ...

... Avimimus. TYPE SPECIES: A. portentosus, Kurzanov, 1981 OTHER

CyberSleuthKIds: AK-12 Homework Helper and Directory
... Home > Searched ... [Avimimus]: 1 located. SEARCH RESULTS 1 - 1 of 1: Dinosaurs
dinosaurs dinosaurs! Dino Don Lessem Dinosaurs, dinosaurs and more dinosaurs ...

... Profile for Avimimus. Search: All posts by this registered user. Date Registered:
08-23-2000. Status: Member. Total Posts: 29. Current Email: Not available. ...

... Profile for Avimimus. Search: All posts by this registered user. Date Registered:
08-25-2000. Status: Member. Total Posts: 1. Current Email: Not available. ...

Cisco - DLSw Ethernet Redundancy Sample Configuration
... Master DLSw Redundant Router. avimimus# sh run Building configuration... ! hostname
avimimus ! dlsw local-peer peer-id dlsw remote-peer 0 tcp ...

... Lithographica, (4) Archaeopteryx, (5) Archaeopteryx, (6) All About Archaeopteryx
Avimimus: (1) Avimimus, (2) Avimimus, (3) Avimimus, (4) Avimimus Portentosus ...

Identity card : Avimimus. IDENTITY CARD. Name, Avimimus. Length, 1.5 m. Weight,
1-4 kg. Age, Late Cretaceous. Distribution, China, Mongolia. General information. ...

TRS Gallery -- Paleo
... 00. Avimimus Avimimus ambling about -- first quarter,
1996 [colored pencil on illustration board]. ... | Dino Database - Dictionary
... some suggest that it was actually a juvenile example of another species. AVIMIMUS
Pronunciation: a-vih-MY-mus Translation: Bird Mimic Also known as: Description ...

Dino Lab Station '99
... Iguanadon; Where was the thumb spike thought to be located originally? Avimimus;
What did the Avimimus probably eat? National Geographic Dinos; Which type of ...

... are very similar to birds. Birds, in fact, may be living dinosaurs! Avimimus means
'bird-mimic'. Some paleontologists think it was a dinosaur with similar ...

Dinosaur Page
... 3. The avimimus was a member of the meat-eating family. What did the
avimimus NOT have that would make it difficult to eat meat? ...

Dinosaur Dictionary
... some suggest that it was actually a juvenile example of another species. AVIMIMUS
Pronunciation: a-vih-MY-mus Translation: Bird Mimic Also known as: Description ...

Prehistoric Animals - Index
... Archosauria Arsinoitherium asteroid theory, and dinosaurs Australia, dinosaurs
of Avimimus Bactrosaurus Baryonyx bat, oldest known Bernissart, Belgium birds ...

Dann's Dinosaur Info: KAKURU
... Kakuru's tibia, although unique, closely resembles that of the bird-like Avimimus
portentosus from the Late Cretaceous of Mongolia in some aspects. It is also ...

... Oviraptor | `--Ingeniinae | |--Conchoraptor | `--Ingenia |--Avimimidae | |--?Kakuru
| `--Avimimus `-->?Therizinosauria Oviraptorosauroidea: The two taxa here ...

Some Dino Info and Pictures
... it, or they drew a new one on their card. Come take
a SAFE tour of dinosaurs and learn about them! ...

Dinosaur genera
... B Back to Alphabet. Bactrosaurus, Bagaceratops, Bahariasaurus, Bambiraptor*,
Barapasaurus. Barosaurus, Barsboldia, Baryonyx*, Becklespinax, Beipiaosaurus*. ...

Bienvenido a la página de On Line Soft MEXICO
... Argyrosaurus. Arrhinoceratops. Askeptosaurus. Astrodon.
Aublysodon. Avimimus. Bactrosaurus. Bagaceratops. ...

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