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Brown - Discovered 1908


‘fused reptile’

 This species of the Ankylosaurids is one of two that are found in North America. Ankylosaurus skeletal remains have been found in Montana, USA and Alberta, Canada. They are most noted for their armored exterior and club tail, both of which served as defensive mechanisms. The clubbed tail is actually several bones that are fused together and massive, covered by a layer of skin. Ankylosaurus grew to 33 ft (10 m) in length and were prevalent during the late Cretaceous period.  -- Text by: Bob Simon

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Ankylosauria -- The Dinosauricon
PARENT CLADES: Animalia: Vertebrata ...

... Ankylosauria Kreidezeit. Dieser Dinosauriertyp hatte Schutzpanzer. Die meisten Vertreter
wie etwa Euoplocephalus waren von stämmigem Körperbau. Sie hatten ...

DINODATA Classification Ankylosauria
... [Vertebrate Notes]. Ankylosauria. Ankylosauria have been placed into one of two
families (Coombs, 1978) based primarily on the presence (Ankylosauridae) or ...

ankylosauria cladogram
ornithischia cladogram. Ankylosauria: Minmi paravertebrata;
Tianzhenosaurus youngi [is]; Ankylosauroidea: ...

Literature - Ankylosauria
Reptilia - Dinosauria - Ankylosauria. ... COOMBS JR. WP (1978): The families of the
ornithischian dinosaur order Ankylosauria. Palaeontology 21(1): 143-170. ...

Ankylosauria. Ankylosauria consists of two main groups, Ankylosauridae and Nodosauridae,
plus some basal forms. All ankylosaurians have armor over much of their ...

???????? Ankylosauria
The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.

Infraorder Ankylosauria. These heavily armoured creatures
were equipped with bony plates ...

ankylosauria cladogram
... ornithischia cladogram. Ankylosauria: Minmi paravertebrata;
Tianzhenosaurus youngi [is]; Ankylosauroidea: ...

[Down Button] [Deep Button] [Tree] [Table of Contents] [Bottom of Page] Ankylosauria.
Armored-plated dinosaurs. ... top. Characteristics of Ankylosauria. ...

RE: Shunosaurus, Tail Clubs, and Ankylosauria
[Date Prev][Date Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next][Date Index][Thread Index][Subject
Index][Author Index] RE: Shunosaurus, Tail Clubs, and Ankylosauria. ...

Gigantic ankylosauria from Utah
Gigantische ankylosauria in Utah. Fossiele resten die zijn opgegraven gedurende
de afgelopen jaren hebben geleid tot de identificatie van twee nieuwe species ...

ANKYLOSAURIA. El suborden Ankylosauria se conoce tan sólo por algunos fósiles en
rocas del Jurásico. Fue más común en el Cretácico y en especial más tarde ...

Thyreophora: Stegosauria and Ankylosauria - EnchantedLearning. ...
... Thyreophora (or Enoplosauria): Stegosauria and Ankylosauria Thyreophorans (meaning
"shield bearers") are a group of ornithischian (bird-hipped) dinosaurs that ...

STEGOSAURIA. Family: Huayangosauridae. Stegosauridae. ANKYLOSAURIA.
Family: Nodosauridae. Ankylosauridae. ...

In Hand Museum - Euoplocephalus tutus
... ornithischians were quadrupedal and are grouped with the nodosaurs in the Ankylosauria.
The Ankylosauria and Stegosauria are grouped together as thyreophorans. ...

CyberSleuthKIds: AK-12 Homework Helper and Directory
... Search: Educational Resources Home > Searched ... [Ankylosauria]:
0 located. No Results Found. Try a different search term. ...

... Acanthopholis a-kan-THOF-o-lis "Spiny Scutes". Ornithischia — Thyreophora
— Eurypoda — Ankylosauria — Nodosauridae — Herbivore. ...

TOYAMA 2000-11-6
Footprints of Ankylosauria. ... By this four-toed pes (hind foot)
, the footprint was attributed to Ankylosauria,.

Dinosauria - Ornithischia - Thyreophora
Subordo Thyreophora. Reptilia - Dinosauria - Ornithischia
- Thyreophora - Ankylosauria - Stegosauria ... | Dino Database - Dictionary
... Description: Herbivore, Quadrupedal Order: Ornithischia Suborder: Thyreophora Infraorder:
Ankylosauria Family: Ankylosauridae Height: 8 feet (2.4 meters) Length ...

Dinosaur genera E
... Euoplocephalus. J. Arts 'Well armored head'. Dinosauria.
Ornithischia. Thyreophora. Ankylosauria. Ankylosauridae. ...

Ornithischian Dinosaurs
... various other dinosaurs. The Ceratopsia included the horned dinosaurs, while the
Ankylosauria and Stegosauria (now usually grouped together in the Thyreophora ...

Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs: Article List
... Ankylosauria: Kenneth Carpenter Denver Museum of Natural History;
Archosauria: J. Michael Parrish Northern Illinois University; ...

Taxonomy Index
... Suborder Cetiosauria. Suborder Titanosauria. Order Ornithopoda. Order Stegosauria.
Order Ankylosauria. Order Pachycephalosauria. Order Ceratopsia. ...

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