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Russell & Dong - Discovered 1993

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Dinosaur Safaris, Inc.
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[ Enter ]. Dinosaur Safaris Inc (DSI) is a private corporation whose mission is to                                
discover, excavate, study, and preserve dinosaur bones and related artifacts.
Description: Dinosaur field expeditions in Wyoming from Two Guys Fossils.

Alxasaurus -- The Dinosauricon
... CLASSIFICATION. Alxasaurus DA Russell & Dong, 1995: TYPE SPECIES:
A. elesitaiensis DA Russell & Dong, 1995. ...

Alxasaurus Printout-
... (pronounced AWL-shah-SAWR-us) Alxasaurus (meaning "Alxa [Desert of Inner Mongolia]
lizard") was a meat-eating dinosaur that lived during the Cretaceous period ...

Re: Alxasaurus the Theropod
[Date Prev][Date Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next][Date Index][Thread Index][Subject
Index][Author Index] Re: Alxasaurus the Theropod. ...

DinoData Dinosaurs ALXASAURUS A093
... NAME, ALXASAURUS. DESCRIBER, Russell & Dong,1994. TIME, Cretaceous Early Albian.
FAMILY, Saurischia Theropoda Tetanurae Coelurosauria Therizinosauroidea Carnivore. ...

Alxasaurus. Nom: Alxasaurus elesitaiensis Ce qui signifie: Alxasaurus: reptile d'Alxa
d'après le nom du désert d'où il provient. Classification: theropode ...

Alxasaurus elesitaiensis
Elesitain Alxa Lizard Alxasaurus elesitaiensis (DA Russell & Dong, 1995) The are
many large herbivores feeding off the varied flora of early Cretaceous ...

[Contents] [Back] [Previous] [Next] [Names] ALXASAURUS
[piclink.gif] (Reptile from the Alxa Desert ...

Genus Alxasaurus
Alxasaurus Russell & Dong, 1994. Comments. Species List.
A. elesitaiensis Russell & Dong, 1994 Type Species

Dinosaur Photo Index Library - Alxasaurus
... Alxasaurus, Diana Fucci writes about and illustrates articleson paleontology.
(In French only). back to main photo index page ...

... ALXASAURUS. "Alxa [Desert] Lizard" known species Alxasaurus
elesitaiensis discovered in... Mongolia ...

CyberSleuthKIds: AK-12 Homework Helper and Directory
... Search: Educational Resources Home > Searched ... [Alxasaurus]:
0 located. No Results Found. Try a different search term. ...

Dinosaur Illustrated Magazine - DIM - number 12, May1999
... Erlikosaurus ( Barsbold and Perle, 1980), Enigmosaurus ( Barsbold and Perle, 1983),
and Alxasaurus (Russell and Dong, 1993). However, as will be examined below ...

Question of Segnosaurs, The
... Has anyone found a skull for Therizinosaurus (or for Alxasaurus) yet? What
about the phylogeny of the Segnosauria? Have the segnosaurians, like the ... | Dino Database - Dictionary
... Some scientists believe Alvarezsaurus is related to the Mongolian Mononychus. ALXASAURUS
Pronunciation: AL-shuh-SAWR-us Translation: Alxa (Alxa Desert of Inner ...

Dinosauria - Saurischia - Theropoda - Tetanurae - ...
... scheint es aber als sicher, das die Therizinosauriden Theropoden sind, Alxasaurus
und auch Beipiaosaurus als primitive Therizinosauriden untermauern dies, da ...

Find Dinosaur Pictures
An index of Dinosaur Illustrations on the world wide web, with links to the original image and image providers home page
Description: Links to the original image and image providers for many dinosaur taxa.

... therizinosaurs are maniraptorans. These "transitional" therizinosauroid fossils
include Alxasaurus and the recently named Beipiaosaurus inexpectus, which has ...

... Afrovenator; Alamosaurus; Albertosaurus; Alectrosaurus; Aliwalia; Allosaurus; Alvarezsaurus;
Alxasaurus; Amargasaurus; Ammosaurus; Amphilocoelias; Amphisaurus; Anatotitan; ...

... years, these animals were known as segnosaurids, but the discovery of Alxasaurus
showed their close relationship to a bizarre theropod named Therizinosaurus ...

... Alioramus Alxasaurus Bactrosaurus Bagaceratops Barapasaurus Elasmosaurus Euhelopus
Gallimimus Homalocephale Iguanodon Kannemeyeria Leptoceratops Longisquama ...

Dinosaur Index
... Aliwalia Allosaurus Alocodon Altirhinus Altispinax Alvarezsaurus Alwalkeria Alxasaurus
Amargasaurus Ambiortus Amblydectes=Criorhynchus Ammosaurus Ampelosaurus ...

Universo On Line - Rivista multimediale
... Alxasaurus: L'Alxasaurus era un parente stretto del più robusto therizinosaurus,
dotato di collo lungo e lunghi artigli. Questi servivano per aiutarsi nel ...

Spooky Dinosaurs of the World
... Within a year Russell and Dong published a description of Alxasaurus, a fairly
complete, primitive therizinosauroid that firmly established a relationship ...

Dinosaur Genera
... Huene, 1923; Alvarezsaurus: Bonaparte, 1991; Alwalkeria: Chatterjee & Creisler, 1994;
Alxasaurus: Russell & Dong, 1994 (not 1993); Amargasaurus: Salgado & Bonaparte ...

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