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List of Egyptian Goddesses

Anuket, (Veneration Center:- Elephantine) Goddess of the Nile.

Bast, cat goddess and she pleasures in joy, sex, art and dance.

Buto, (Veneration Center:- Dumyat) Goddess of snakes, and nourisher of the Nile. She is the caretaker for the kings of the land. (snakes are not all bad)

Hathor, (Veneration Center:- Thebes) Goddess of love, beauty, and happiness.

Isis, (Veneration Center:- Alexandria) The mother of Horus and sister and consort of Osiris.

Kauket, (Veneration Center:- Sidfa) Goddess of darkness and Chaos

Maat, (Veneration Center:- Philae) Wife of Thoth, daughter of Ra.

Meretseger, (Veneration Center:- Mountain peak above the valley of the kings) Goddess of the mountain over looking the valley of the kings, guardian of the tombs of the deceased kings. Punisher of grave robbers. This would also include adventurers. *giggle* Another of the snake headed goddesses




Nut (Veneration Center:-??) the sky, Mother of the sun, moon and heavenly bodies. Wife of Geb.

Renpet, (Veneration Center:- Abydos) Goddess of youth and springtime.


Serket, (Veneration Center:- Tell El Armana)

Seshat, (Veneration Center:- Tanta) Goddess of writing and science.

Solarius, (Veneration Center:- Tell El Armana) the messenger

Tefnut, Sister and twin of Shu, daughter of Ra and Hathor.

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Egyptian Goddess-Hathor
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Hathor, Egyptian cow goddess
... (Athyr). Egyptian cow goddess. Daughter of Nut and Re. In early Egyptian mythology
she was the mother of the sky god Horus, but was later replaced in this ...

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and medicine, was one of four goddesses that guarded the shrine which housed ...

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Mrs. Sharp's 3rd Grade: A Field Trip of Olives
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Participants and Bibliography
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Ancient Images: Egyptian Bird Goddess
... Egyptian Bird Goddess (Naquda culture, 3,500 BC). 47" x 19" x 8". $2500. To arrange
purchase, contact: or call 914-265-3236 and/or 718-543 ...

Beloved Netjer - My Lady, Tefnut
Hello and welcome. I am Vicky Smith, a Priestess of Tefnut,
the ancient Egyptian Goddess of Moisture and Rain. ...

Egyptian Cat Goddess Bastet Staute
This is a 9" tall, 5" deep and 3" wide, stunning cast
resin Egyptian Cat Goddess Bastet Staute. ...

The Goddess Workbook: Isis
... Chapter 2: The Goddess as Creator and Sustainer. ... Order The
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Egyptian Queen Goddess
Egyptian Queen Goddess 304 - 180 BC -- Royal Ontario
Museum, Canada. For Information on this and ...

Isis - Ancient Egyptian Goddess
This beautiful statue stands 11" high, and has an 11.50"
wing span. Made from cultured basalt ...

Bast - Egyptian Cat Goddess
... moon in its function of making a woman fruitful, with swelling womb. She was also
the Egyptian goddess of pleasure, music, dancing and joy. 6" Free Standing ...

Sekhmet - Egyptian Goddess
Sekhmet, Daughter of Ra Consort of Ptah Mother of
Nefer-tem and Imhotep "the powerful one". A ...

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HATHOR: Egyptian cow goddess.
HATHOR: Egyptian cow goddess. Hathor - - Egyptian cow
goddess. HathorEgyptian cow goddess. Also ... Guild Hall
Egyptian Rocket Goddess,Audrey Flack patinated bronze, 1990
42" high with base photo credit: David Britton.

Egyptian Gods & Goddess'
... Egyptian Gods & Goddess'. From: Mel/Kes Kha'ri Category: Comments Date:
08 Jan 2000 Time: 20:37:19 Remote Name: Comments. ...

ancient Egyptian goddess statues Providing ancient deities - ...
Ancient Egyptian GODDESS. ... We ... enlarge, ...

~bara-chan's characters [qetesh]~
... highlights/streaks, two tendrils in front, and two buns in the back. has two swirly
marks under her eyes. name is from the ancient egyptian goddess of beauty. ...

Egyptian Gods and Goddess
Egyptian Gods and Goddess' ABDFGHIKMNOPQRST Amen (Amon, Amun, Ammon, Amoun) Amen's
name means "The Hidden One." Amen was the patron deity of the city of Thebes ...

EGYPTIAN GODDESS'S. Egyptian Goddess's Isis
~ Neith ~ Selkit ~ Nephthys.

Elfwood: 'Egyptian Goddess' by Tamara 'Tammy' Gray
... ('Cowkitty Noveau'). 'Egyptian Goddess' by Tamara
'Tammy' Gray (picture 2 out of 10), ... - 9k - Cached - Similar pages

Egyptian Goddess-Hathor
... the sistrum. As a fertility goddess and a goddess of moisture, Hathor was associated
with the ... List of Mythological Deities. Home Page. Ancient Gallery Directory. ...

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