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List of Male Egyptian Gods

Amenhotep,  (previous Pharaoh) (Veneration center:- Memphis) Lesser god of building and assistant to Ptah.

Amon,  (Veneration center:- Heliopolis)

Anhur, (Veneration center:- Anhur) A warrior god. Worshipers wore robes and carried a lance just as their god did. Anhur is a desert dweller, his temple is shrouded in the desert sands.


Anubis, (Veneration center:- Abydos) - Guardian of the dead.

Apep, (veneration center:- Nun) - snake looking god. Sets watcher of history.


Bes, (Veneration center:- Tanta) Egyptian dwarf god who guards against evil spirits, he is also the protector of children, and god of the earthly pleasures.

Chnum, (Veneration center:- Elephantine) God who brings fertility to the Nile. He is the one who shapes and moulds the children to be ready for birth.

Dedun, (Veneration center :-Luxor) God of wealth.

Duamutef, (Veneration center:- El Quantara) One of the four sons of Horus, God of Fire and guardian of the east.

Geb, (Veneration center:- El Giza) - God of the earth, husband of Nut.

Hapi, (Veneration center:- Dumyat) One of the four sons of Horus, god of Water (flooding of the nile) and guardian of the north.

Horus (Veneration Center:- Kom Ombo) The earliest royal god was the shape of a falcon, with the sun and moon as his eyes. The sky-god was the ruler of the day.


Imhotep (previous scribe) (Veneration center:- Philae) Once a scribe, Imhotep was elevated to god status after serving the kings of the land. Son to Thoth and Maat, he is a lesser god of scribes and magic.

Imsety,(Veneration center:- Saqquaro) One of the four sons of Horus, god of earth and guardian of the west.

Khenmu, (Veneration center:- Elephantine)



Mentu, (Veneration center:-Luxor) Paatron god of war and death.


Min, (Veneration center:- Koptos)

Nefertem, (Veneration center:- Tanta) Son of Ptah and Sehkmet, holder of the Lotus, and watcher of the four sons of Horus.

Osiris, (Veneration center:- El Giza) Father of Horus, husband of Isis, son of Geb and Nut

Ptah, (Veneration center:- Memphis) The archetect of worlds.

Qebshenuf, (Veneration center:- El Giza) One of the four sons of Horus, god of Air and guardian of the south.

Ra, (Veneration Center:- Heliopolis)

Renenet, (Veneration center:- Koptos) God of fortune and luck.


Set, (Veneration center:- El Kharga)


Shu, Brother and twin of Tefnut, son of Ra and Hathor.

Sobek, (worship centr:- Edfu) He was a crocodile god.




Research Links

 Anubis, Egyptian god of the dead
... (Anpu). Egyptian god of the dead, represented as a black jackal or dog, or as a
man with the head of a dog or jackal. His parents were usually given as Re in ...

Egyptian God-Sobek
Sobek. He who causes to be fertile. Cult Center: Crocodilopolis
in the Faiyum, after the Twelfth ...

Molecular Expressions: The Silicon Zoo - Ancient Egyptian God ...
Ancient Egyptian God Anubis. While examining the Silicon
Graphics MIPS R12000 microprocessor ...

... Egyptian Gods and Their Associates ... Apep (Apophis, Apepi). Apis.
Arensnuphis. (Egyptian Ari-hes-nefer. Ash. (As). Aten. Atum. ...
Description: Useful descriptions, some in detail of the Gods and Goddesses of Egypt.

Anubis - The Egyptian jackal-god of mummification and ...
... Early in Egyptian history, Anubis was a god of the dead. This role
was usurped by Osiris as he rose in popularity. ...

Osiris, Egyptian god of the underworld and of vegetation
... Egyptian god of the underworld and of vegetation. Son of Nut and Geb. His birthplace
was said to be Rosetau in the necropolis west of Memphis. Brother of ... : Egyptians Find Tomb of Ancient God Osiris
... Feb. 16 Sinking water levels have revealed a granite sarcophagus of the ancient
Egyptian god Osiris in a 98-foot-deep tomb at the Giza pyramids, Egyptian ...
Description: Sinking water levels reveal a symbolic sarcophagus of the god Osiris.

Led Zeppelins Dragons Of Darkness, Zosimos, Egypts Symbols
... Osiris. Osiris is the Egyptian god of the underworld, fertility, ressurrection,
and vegetation. He married Isis and was the father of Horus. Osiris was killed ...

Egyptian God Horus
Egyptian God Horus The Louvre, Paris. Egyptian God
Horus 13" Hx 9" W Bonded Marble on Marble Base ...

Anibus, Egyptian God of Death statue
... This is a cast resin with exceptional detail of Anibus, Egyptian God of Death
statue. It is 9" tall and 3 1/2" wide. Also comes in a full color gift box. ...

The Manchester Museum

Cat Names: Etoe..... Egyptian God
... Etoe..... Egyptian God Tell a friend about this message! Posted
by Cheryl on October 1, 2000, 4:45 pm. ...

Zepol Studios: horror art by Alfredo Lopez Jr.
... Downward Spiral 1. Downward Spiral 2. Downward Spiral 3. Egyptian God. Embrace. Heaven
And Hell. ... Vampyre. Were. Whispering of knives. Zombie. Egyptian God, No Description.

Egyptian Gods: Summaries
... to English Christian usage of the term "Creator" to signify the "almighty God."
Very early in Egyptian history Ra was identified with Horus, who as a hawk or ...

Selected Work
Artist. Figurine of Egyptian Phallic God Bes. Site:
Turkey, Ephesus ...

Egyptian Gods
Here are Mark's drawings of Egyptian Gods and a brief
description of each God. SOBEK - The Crocodile ...

Egyptian God Horus
Egyptian God Horus The Louvre, Paris. 9" x 13" on
marble base For Information on this and over ...

The Book Store of The Egyptian Bazaar
... Egyptian Hieroglyphs for Everyone: An Introduction to the Writing of Ancient Egypt,
Our Price: $5.98 (In-Stock: Ships within 24 hours) Title: Egyptian ...

Egyptian Gods: Summaries
... to English Christian usage of the term "Creator" to signify the "almighty God." Very
early in Egyptian history, Ra was identified with Horus, who as a hawk or ...
Description: Descriptions of the Gods in dictionary type format.

Ptah-Egyptian God of Creation
... Ptah-Egyptian God of Creation 6008 $34.00 Finishes:
Antique Sandstone. ...

Ammon - Egyptian Ram God
... Ammon - The Egyptian Ram God. According to murals at the ancient temple of Luxor,
this fertility god assumed the form of the reigning king in order to procreate ...

Questions & Answers
... Should Christians use the name of an Egyptian sun
god (Amen) as part of their worship? The term ...

Egyptian god.jpg
Here's a sketch of an Egyptian god that I did along with the beetle.
They're both pretty yellowed, but I like the effect. ...

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